About Us

As your life-long partner, J&H Bio promises to provide
top-quality products for your health and prosperous future.

We are a nutraceutical company with a sales network of over 5,000 pharmacies nation-wide.
To ensure credibility to our customers, we only supply our products to the qualified pharmacies.
We are strengthening our network management by operating 16 regional offices
other than the headquarter office in Busan.

We want you to rest assured and know what you are getting.
This is why all our sales partners go through rigorous qualification
and validation processes in order to carry our products.
First they need to be licensed pharmacists and have completed a 16-week lecture course,
which covers areas of pathology, nutrition, and physiology,
from Ha’s Clinical Pathology Academy (HCPA), our partner organization.

Since founded in 1998, over 10,000 pharmacists have been trained at HCPA
and among these over 5,000 pharmacists have taken over 5 different lecture seasons,
which proves academic excellence of HCPA’s curriculum.
J&H Bio is the only nutraceutical company in Korea to supply its products through
such selective process that is limited to its trained member pharmacists.

It is not an easy process for professional pharmacists to attend offline-only lectures,
after their usual working hours, over the course of 16 weeks,
to finally become our supplier. So why make it so difficult? Because we believe
these pharmacists are not simply ones who sell our products. They need to act as
healthcare and supplement professionals for all end-users.
We believe that they are the ones who are professionally fit to diagnose
what a potential customer may need to consume and make the right recommendation.
We want to be at the frontier of preventing supplement abuse with our member
pharmacists because nowadays customers are overwhelmed with misleading information
on the Internet and nutraceutical supplements are easily accessible. We want you to make a right choice.

We apply the same rigorous principle to all our production processes,
of course, from ingredient selection to quality control.
We will continue to invest in R&D and strive to differentiate our products so we can help you stay healthy.