• Category : Health Functional Food / Gamma-Linolenic Acid containing Oil, Vitamin E
  • Country of Origin : Canada
  • Package Quantity : 530mg x 120 capsules (63.6g)

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Product overview

Ingredients Borage Seed Oil, d-α-Tocopherol, Celery Seed Extract, Sunflower Lecithin, Beewax
Suggested use Take 1 capsule, 3 times daily with water
Dietary warning
  • Consult your healthcare provider prior to use if nursing, on medications, have a medical condition.
  • In case of infant, toddler and children, consult healthcare provider before using.
Storage warning
  • Keep out of direct light or heat.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Keep sealed when not in use.
Allergen warning
  • Pork is included in gelatin of capsule.
  • Soybean is included.
Gamma-Linolenic Acid
  • Can help improving the blood cholesterol level and blood circulation.
  • Can help improving discomfort due to premenstrual changes.
  • Can help improving skin condition by immune hypersensitivity reaction.
Vitamin E
  • Needed for protecting the cells from free radical as antioxidants

Supplement Facts : Daily Serving : 3 Capsule(1,590mg)

Per Daily Serving Amount %DV
Calories 10kcal  
Fat 1.3g 2%
γ-Linolenic acid 300mg  
Vitamin E 20mg α-TE (29.8IU) 182%

* %DV : % of Recommend Daily Value


This product can help for

  • Persons who need to improve blood circulation.
  • Persons who want to improve blood cholesterol level.
  • Improving discomfort due to premenstrual changes.
  • Improving skin condition by immune hypersensitivity reaction.
  • Persons who want healthy metabolism and physical activity.
  • Climacteric women who concern about her health.
  • Persons who want healthy golden years.
  • Needed for protecting the cells from free radical

What is Gamma-Linolenic Acid?

γ-Linolenic acid(GLA) is fatty acid for health maintenance in human, It can help to normalize the physiological activity by regulating the metabolism in the body.
This is essential nutrient for health maintenance, and it can be taken from plant seed. But this process can be inhibited by aging and taking processed food. This inhibition can reduce prostaglandin production, is essential regulator for all tissue in the body. If prostaglandin is reduced, the metabolism in the body is not able to maintain normal.
GLA can normalize the production of prostaglandin, this can help to improve discomfort due to premenstrual changes. In addition, healthy balance of GLA can help to improve skin condition by immune hypersensitivity reaction.
GLA inhibits excessive aggregation of platelets, and maintains healthy blood circulation. and It can improve blood cholesterol level.

What is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E protects the body from free radical. It prevents the cells damage are caused by destruction of unsaturated fatty acid, component of cell membrane.

This product is not a medicine for the prevention and treatment of disease. It is a health functional food manufactured and processed using raw materials or ingredients with healthful function for the human body. * You can exchange or compensate this product when this have deterioration or defect within the expiration date in accordance with the Consumer Dispute Resolution Criteria.
* If you estimate the adverse effect, contact 1577-2488.