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회사사옥(J&H Bio 빌딩)

J&H Bio have been always try to provide the best well fare and working environment for our employees. And their satisfaction is also the best.

1. We manage the parking lot separately, for both visitors and staffs.

2. We separate the office area individually to provide stability, efficacy and comfortability.

3. We installed indoor gardens for maintaining humidity and air-conditioning in the office.

4. Other corners of the office

Educational office

5. Dr.Ha's Clincal Pathology Association Auditorium for seminars and lectures of J&H Bio.

Educational place

6. We have a library for that all staffs can come and read.


7. We have a gym for the staffs' health and physical well-being.

8. We provide a separate space for our employees' comfortable break time.

Female lounge

Visitor lounge

9. We totally installed Korean floor heating system and central air conditioning system for providing the pleasant environment in the building.

10. We operate two refrigerated storage spaces to maintain freshness of our products that need to be stored at a low temperature.

Refrigerated Storage

식품의약품안전처 공로상 수상

Award by the director of Ministry
of Food and Drug Safety on 2020