Octa Omega-3

  • Category : Health Functional Food / EPA and DHA Containing Oil, Octacosanol, Vitamin D, Vitamin E
  • Country of Origin : Canada
  • Package Quantity : 1,200mg x 120 capsules (Total 144g)

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Product overview

Ingredients Purified Fish Oil(Sardine, Anchovy), Rice Bran Octacosanol, d-α-Tocopherol, Vitamin D3 mixture(Cholecalciferol, Palm Oil, DL- α -Tocopherol), Bee Wax, Sunflower Lecithin
Suggested use Take 1capsule twice daily with water
Dietary warning
  • Consult your healthcare provider prior to use if nursing, on medications, have a medical condition.
  • If you have hypercalcemia or take medicines, consult a expert.
  • Skin-related unexpected reaction may occur depending on the individual
  • In the event of any abnormality, stop the intake and consult a expert.
Storage warning
  • Refrigeration is required after opening.
Allergen warning
  • Pork is included in gelatin of capsule.
EPA and DHA Containing Oil
  • Can help improve the blood triglyceride level and blood circulation
  • Can help improve the memory
  • Can help improve the stamina
Vitamin D
  • Needed for absorption and using of calcium and phosphorous.
  • Needed for formation and maintaining of bone
  • Can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis
Vitamin E
  • Needed for protecting the cells from free radical

Supplement Facts : Daily Serving : 2 Capsule(2,400mg)

Per Daily Serving Amount %DV
Calories 20kcal  
Fat 2g 4%
Sum of EPA and DHA 1,540mg  
EPA 1,000mg  
DHA 540mg  
Octacosanol 7mg  
Vitamin D 23㎍
(920 IU)
Vitamin E 4.5mg α-TE
(6.7 IU)

* %DV : % of Recommend Daily Value


This product can help for

  • Improving the blood triglyceride level
  • Improving the blood circulation
  • Improving the memory
  • Improving the stamina
  • Absorption and using of Calcium and Phosphate
  • Formation and maintaining the bone
  • Decrease the risk of Osteoporosis
  • Protecting the cells from free radical

What is Octa Omega-3?

rTG(re-esterified Triglyceride) is a type of omega-3 fatty acid that has a similar molecular structure to its natural molecular formulation.
Octa Omega-3 is consisted of rTG omega-3.
Low-temperature supercritical extraction method is used for this product instead of using excessive heat or chemical solvents.
As follow above, this product has lower risk of alteration and don’t have concerned of residues of chemical solvent and heavy metals.

What is Octacosanol?

Octacosanol is a source of power that allows migratory birds to fly for thousands of kilometers without resting, and is a component that exists in trace amounts such as rice bran and sugar cane leaves that feed migratory birds.
This is a bioactivie substance that can help improve the stamina, and is trace component from raw materials. For example, 1kg of Octacosanol can be extracted from 100 tons of rice.
The best important energy source is glycogen stored in liver and muscle in the body. Octacosanol can help to improve the stamina by increasing the glycogen store capacity

What is EPA and DHA Containing Oil?

EPA and DHA containing oil is unsaturated fatty acid have important roles for health maintenance. This oil have to be taken from outside, because it’s not able to be sufficiently synthesized in the body.
These fatty acids help to improve the problems caused by excessive intake of instant food and animal fat.
These are unsaturated fatty acids can help to promote the blood circulation by reducing blood triglyceride level, And they are high concentrated unsaturated fatty acids act to diverse physiological activity can improve blood circulation and blood triglyceride level.
EPA and DHA are part of brain cells, are responsible for memory, can help improving the memory.

What is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D induces the absorption of calcium and phosphate in the small intestine mucosa and reduces the excretion of calcium in the kidney, in order to maintain blood calcium levels.
When Vitamin D is deficient, it is difficult to formation and maintenance of normal bone, this is why Vitamin D is important nutrient in especially growing children, adolescents, menopausal women, and middle-aged and elderly.

What is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E protects the body from free radical. It prevents the cells damage are caused by destruction of unsaturated fatty acid, component of cell membrane.

This product is not a medicine for the prevention and treatment of disease. It is a health functional food manufactured and processed using raw materials or ingredients with healthful function for the human body. * You can exchange or compensate this product when this have deterioration or defect within the expiration date in accordance with the Consumer Dispute Resolution Criteria.
* If you estimate the adverse effect, contact 1577-2488.